Getting Started

Knowmail’s API provides programmatic access to our unique personalized A.I. platform, allowing solution providers to integrate Knowmail’s API within their messaging solutions and enhance value-added to their users and clients.

Knowmail’s sophisticated platform can understand which emails are urgent and important for each user individually and provide access to read and handle them, and with it: improve focus, save time, and get things done more efficiently and anywhere your service is available.

This document covers the fundamentals needed to develop on the platform and get the most out of it, so your users will gain most value.

Knowmail provides flexible, RESTful API to the user’s email and calendar data covering information worker use cases including (but not limited to*):

  • Read emails (by priority)
  • Get appointments for a certain date range
  • Reply / Reply All / Forward
  • Appointment handling (accept / reject)
  • Move to folder
  • Delete / Done / Snooze
  • Undo

*To learn more, please see the full API documentation here.

Accounts, Authorization, and Security

Knowmail's personalized AI platform understands emails are a business asset that should be treated responsibly and may contain private, confidential, and even intimate information. For that, we have developed a unique security infrastructure to remain complaint while maintaining privacy and security.

Our API uses OAuth2.0 to handle authentication and authorization, and you will define the application security setting here.

There are two different accounts involved, one is the solution provider account (with the unique clientID and secret) and the end user account which is the account of the connected user to the application/service built by you the solution provider

As a result to the authentication of each user you will get the Knowmail token.